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Does this course apply to all industries?

Yes, strategic thinking is a power skill that teaches you a different way of thinking. You can apply that thinking to almost any problem, idea or opportunity at work and in life - whether it’s related to marketing, product, growth or just day-to-day decisions. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses that allows you to think through problems and opportunities 10X more effectively.

"I highly recommend this online training - the content was refreshing and updated I look forward to hearing more from Lindsay!"

Roxanne Farkas
Career Strategist, lululemon

Avneet Brar
Guest Education, lululemon

Yoel Orue
Founder, Urban Ninja Marketing Agency

Miya Dotson
Manager, IDEA, lululemon


Being the best thinker in the room - and levelling up your performance, amidst a dynamic climate

Feeling empowered to solve any problem you come across, no matter how complex...

Being equipped with the tools to translate data into insights and insights into opportunities... 

Training your mind to think differently and in doing so, benefiting your leadership and your life...

I learned the art and science of strategic thinking early in my career – and it transformed my life.

On top of multiplying my day-to-day productivity, it’s allowed me to wrestle some of the biggest problems and ideas of our generation.

And to do so alongside some of the greatest thinkers around the globe – from CEOs of fortune 500 companies like lululemon, Unilever and the LEGO Group - to private equity funds, creators and founders.

And I did it through mastering strategic thinking.

Here's the reality... 
the conventional approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and idea generation is ineffective and leaves professionals ill-prepared to thrive in leadership and in life.

On top of that, company training programs and institutions don't teach it. There is no such thing as strategic thinking school, yet it's the top skill associated with leadership success.

There is a better way.

And I'm here to guide your journey.
So...ready to supercharge your mind?

"Only 30% of leaders are strategic thinkers - yet it's the #1 trait correlated with leadership success"

~ Harris Interative

Learning outcomes


Understand why traditional problem-solving methods are cumbersome & untangle complex ideas and business problems via hypothesis-driven thinking


Think and work with agility, learning and pivoting quickly. Understand the Why and be able to connect your work to your overall objectives and strategy. 


Sharpen your story-telling skills and learn to communicate your work to others succinctly and powerfully employing strategic story-telling


Save yourself days, months, years of time by getting to the heart of the matter quicker. Improve your strategic planning and strategic execution skills


Insights are your fuel. Learn to maneuver them swiftly & connect the dots across disparate data - what we affectionately call the art of mindful gymnastics


Drive a fresh business idea or opportunity from post-it through to pitch-ready effectively and cohesively, without missing a beat.

What this training is not...


This course is not overly-theoretical. Rather it's the ONLY strategic thinking course on the market that will teach you the ONE power skill guaranteed to up your game. And trust us, we've done the legwork!


This course isn't taught by an institution or College Professor who has never practiced strategy out in the wild. It's been designed by a seasoned strategist who's built a career crafting strategies alongside the biggest brands in the world. As a result, the content is practical, applied and targeted.

Big box 

This course isn't delivered by a big box training company, nor is it generic. It is bespoke, specialized, packed with purpose, and tailored to delivering the tools that will help you succeed.

Who is this training for

We serve the following...
  • Senior Executives without strategy consulting experience who are looking to level up their thinking for board and investor conversations 
  • Corporate professionals looking to accelerate their career trajectory (Managers, Project/Program Managers and Individual Contributors) 
  • Freelancers and self-employed professionals who want to improve their problem solving, communication and effectiveness in client work  
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to improve how they think about strategic business problems and how they communicate to their teams 
  • Brands and organizations looking for impactful training that builds your organization's strategic thinking capability 

Meet your instructor...

Lindsay Angelo, MBA

Lindsay is an award-winning Growth Strategist, Futurist, and TEDx speaker. Named a Woman to Watch and Global Innovation Leader, she's passionate about partnering with purpose-driven professionals and brands to build their strategic thinking muscles and craft their growth strategies. A born entrepreneur, Lindsay is the creator of a signature blueprint for driving brand growth and impact. She's advised entrepreneurs and celebrities through to Fortune 500 companies including lululemon, the LEGO Group, Unilever, WeWork, Snapchat and the Human Potential Institute. A former NCAA athlete and dual citizen of Canada and the US, she sits on the Advisory Board for World Business Research and contributes to a variety of media houses including CBS, The Globe and Mail, Retail Executive, and the National Post. She believes magic happens where logic meets intuition, where the rational meets the emotive & where facts meet insights.



Self led Masterclass for individual learners

  • 12 month access 
  • Seven self-led video modules instructed by Lindsay
  • 10+ interactive exercises & templates
  • Three hours of seat time
  • Certificate of Mastery signed by Lindsay for posting to LinkedIn or other social platforms
  • One curated TEDx talk delivered by Lindsay
  • One mindful performance meditation delivered by special guest
  • One special BONUS🏆 (limited time)
  • 30-day guarantee or 100% refund

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Custom delivered to your team or organization (minimum 10 learners)

Full curriculum from Starter, plus:
  • E-learning SCORM files for delivery via your LMS 
  • Course marketing materials 
  • One learner evaluation 
  • Brand customization (optional)
  • LMS hosting (optional)
  • Group coaching workshops (optional)
  • One special BONUS🏆 (limited time)

100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your investment back!


Lindsay is a trusted advisor, coach and partner to a variety of brands and professionals across industries, from Fortune 500 corporations to private equity, think tanks, media houses, creators and founders. 

"I highly recommend this online training course to anyone working in the corporate world. The content was refreshing and updated I look forward to hearing more from Lindsay!"

Roxanne Farkas
Career Strategist, lululemon

"If I could waive the magic wand, Lindsay would run a whole series for our Community and I’d have no doubt we’d need a bigger room”

Stephen Mok
Membership Manager, Galvanize

 "Well thought out course offering with lots of value. Hypothesis based problem solving is a completely different way of thinking that I've applied in and outside of my work. It's saved me loads of time and energy. Thank you!"

Silvia Osorio
Marketing Professional & Freelancer

 "Will up your strategic thinking game!  So happy to see this work finally come to life after so much work from the incredible Lindsay Angelo. Can't wait to see it out in the wild!"

Laura Silvestor 
Head of Product, HootSuite & Former McKinsey Consultant

"Clear, thoughtful way to present the information to a junior strategist. The course levelled up my thinking and made me wish I’d learned hypothesis problem-solving years ago!"

Nicolette S
Project Manager

 "Lindsay has been a great source of strategic insight, providing provoking industry insights that supported us in making sound business decisions and having greater clarity as we move in to our next stage of growth.”

Tess Sloane & Alisha Adams
Founders, Eleven Eleven Talent Collective

 “This course was so impactful and exactly what I was wanting. It was concise, well articulated and helped me get into alignment. I would recommend it to anyone looking for more knowledge on the foundational frameworks of strategic thinking.

Miya Dotson
IDEA Manager, lululemon

"I absolutely loved this course - how insightful and well-structured! This course should be considered as role training for any roles related to strategic initiatives. What an amazing way to boost concept and language understanding for project teams!

Project Manager, Fortune 500 Brand

 Very powerful class - I learned a lot to apply to my thinking and even to my lifestyle. Thank you!

Fortune 500 Brand

"Approachable, insightful and intuitive, Lindsay has an innate ability to coach on how to zero in on strategic opportunities to solve hard business problems. We look forward to continuing to work with Lindsay!”

Devan Tamura
Commuity Team, WeWork

 "Lindsay’s ability to take ideas and quickly shape them into a powerful story is second to none. She was instrumental in coaching us through how to strategically problem solve. She brings provocative insights that enlighten and help to inform decisions. On top of that, she is warm, compassionate and a pleasure to work with" 

Ryan Belitsky
CEO, All Kinds of Kind

"Lindsay is a polished and professional thought leader, but at the same time, she is authentic. And that is what makes her relatable, memorable, and inspirational"

Lisa Patterson
Editor in Chief, Premiere Media Group

 “Conscious consumption is the way of the future and Lindsay challenges brands and retailers to ensure they’re meeting the needs of their consumers on this level”

Kurt Rachdorf
VP, Retail, LEGO Group

"I am at the 20% point of the Strategic Thinking Master Class. Have printed the workbook which is fabulous. The session quality is very high, very empathically designed and my favourite experience to this point was the meditation. Imagining a lift opening and entering my mind and then pressing my cognitive button to take me to the heart level was a really brilliant thought construct. I have never envisioned meditation that way or even think of that. The cognitive button allowed me to see the physical, emotional, logical and spiritual aspects of my brain. Then I returned to the lift and took the journey to the heart.

Fortune 500 Brand

“Lindsay’s attention to detail, patience, skills and understanding our vision, and what is important to us at such an early stage was instrumental in crafting our strategy from the ground up.”

Mark Ghermezian
Founder & CEO, Gynger

Frequently asked questions

Strategic thinking is having the ability to evaluate opportunities/problems considering the business context or business environment, make informed decisions and understand the impacts of those decisions. The short form? A super power. 

Yes, strategic thinking is a power skill that teaches you a different way of thinking. You can apply that way of thinking to almost any problem, idea or opportunity out there at work and in life - whether it’s a marketing problem, a product problem, a UX design problem, a growth problem, or even a “what should I eat for dinner” problem. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses that allows you to think through problems and opportunities 10X more effectively. 

They very well may pay for all or part of it! Strategic thinking is directly tied to leadership and professional development. It's a power skill that will dramatically improve your problem-solving and effectiveness at work, therefore delivering huge gains to your employer in individual performance, increased productivity, and career progression. This is why we've delivered this training to full employees bases at fortune 500 companies. If you feel like there's opportunity to rollout this training more broadly at your own organization, we'd welcome that as well and would love to chat with your training or Leadership and Development team. Contact us at to chat.

Yes, it includes 10+ interactive exercises aimed at applying and practicing the tools you're being taught. This is training designed by a best-in-class Strategist who's tackled real world problems and crafted strategy with some of the greatest thinkers around the globe. With great intention, it's designed to be heavy on the applied and light on the theory!

HECK yes! Being a strategic leader is the top most correlated skill tied to leadership success. It enables you to lead with a strategic viewpoint, build a bullet-proof business strategy and develop critical leadership skills.

Hypothesis-driven thinking is a problem-solving method whereby you start with the answer, and work back to either prove or disprove that answer through fact-finding. It's one of the most effective, yet under-utilized methods of problem-solving and is practiced at some of the biggest consulting firms around the globe. We cover it comprehensively in the course.

Absolutely - strategic thinking is one of the top most correlated skills associated with leadership success in all fields, niches and industries. Developing a deeper understanding of it will unlock new windows of opportunity, and prospects. Whether you've chosen a corporate career or the entrepreneurial path, a strategic mindset is crucial to success.

Yes, being a great strategic thinker helps increase your effectiveness at the individual, business leader, team and company level. You will be able to maneuver your work quicker and more effectively, adapt quicker, make better decisions and act with far greater impact. 

There are many business courses and certificate programs that cover strategy theory - even some that cover conventional thinking and strategic thinking process. This online course is the only of its kind that's applied and delivered by a real world strategist with decades of experience building strategy for fortune 500 brands through to start-ups and entrepreneurs. That means it includes new and applied content not currently available in any other course or online program.

Successful completion takes less than five hours - normally 3-4 hours if you were to run through from start to finish. We recommend a staged approach to completing it - anticipate roughly 1-2 hours per week for 2-3 weeks.

Yes, if you're involved in strategic planning whether for an organization or for your own business, this course helps you become a more effective strategic thinker which translates into being better at crafting all types of strategies and strategic plans - from corporate strategy, to marketing strategy, to HR, product development and operations strategy. Great strategic thinking needs to be applied to move through the strategic planning process. Strategic thinking also allows you to move with agility when your biggest challenges present themselves.

Yes, the course covers how to translate strategy and strategic direction into a road map of projects and action plans. It covers how to allocate resources and where strategic planning intersects with financial budgeting.